ВChoosing a budget laptop

September 3, 2019

Budget laptop is a device worth up to 20000-23000 rubles, with a screen diagonal of 13.3"-15.6".

the most common and comfortable diagonal is 15.6".

However, with seemingly modest choices and the same inconspicuous devices, they can vary significantly in parameters, taking into account approximately the same cost.

When choosing a laptop, as well as many other electronic devices, it is necessary to fill in the table, the columns of which will be the parameters of the device.

The main scope of inexpensive laptop - study, Internet surfing, work related to the internet and software that does not require high performance.


One of the most important components of a laptop. Often, for about one price, different models of laptops can be equipped with different processors, very much (for example, 2 times), differing in performance. In stores sells a significant number of outdated models (1-2-3-year ago), which on ratio the price/productivity lose more new models, but cost can also.

To compare the power of processors, you can look at the online rating Geekbench 4.

You should pay attention to the single-core and multi-core performance of the processor. Multi-core performance is all that can be squeezed out of the processor if all cores (threads) are loaded, and single-core performance shows the power of one core. It should be remembered that most tasks (opening a tab in a browser, a large number of programs) still can not fully use multiple cores.

< p>Compare 2 processors:

1) Pentium 4405U - 2/4 (core/threads), single-core performance - 2517, multicore - 4400.

2) Pentium N5000 - 4/4 (core/threads), single-core performance - 1854, multicore - 5019.

It would seem that Pentium N5000 powerful, but in everyday tasks the Pentium 4405U will show significant performance improvements.

Should avoid series processors AMD E XXXX poor performance A4/6/8/9/10-XXXX - performance may vary and be good, but the processors have high TDP, so laptops with these processors are often hot, as the cooling system can simply not cope, will lead to lower performance Intel Atom XXXX poor performance.


Option 1 - 2 GB, option 2 - 4 GB.

2 GB is meaningless to consider.

At 4 GB, you should find out whether it is possible to install an additional memory module or if you need to upgrade the existing one to a more capacious one.

2 memory modules are preferred as they will operate in dual-channel mode, in certain cases reducing the CPU load and significantly improving the performance of the integrated video core.

If the user's tasks go beyond simple Internet surfing and office programs, 4 GB of RAM may not be enough. As an option - rebuy of used memory module from private persons / dealers in the case of benefits in the amount of 30-40% of the shop prices Il in store in case of reasonable price. At the moment (September 3, 2019) the price of 4GB of RAM in stores is a little more than 1000 rubles. - this is an acceptable price. For example, 1 year ago it was about 2 times more, in this case, it was only profitable to buy used memory, which cost 2 times cheaper.

RAM can be DDR3 or DDR4 - DDR4 is better due to higher frequencies and slightly less power consumption.


Option 1 - 500 GB HDD

Option 2 - 128 GB SSD

Option 3 - 256 GB SSD

At the moment, using HDD, except for storing large amounts of information, does not make sense. SSD-drives provide a much higher speed, which is sure to be noticeable when working with various programs and operating system.

In the case of the 1st or 2nd option, you must sell the installed drive and buy 256 GB SSD. Thus, a little more profitable will be the 1st option.

In the case of option 3, you do not need to do anything, but this is the least common option for a specified amount.

When choosing an SSD, you should pay attention to the TBW indicator (the amount of information that can be overwritten to the disk), and try to find tests showing the real TBW for the drive in question.

Graphics card

Very often on laptops and still want to play and even take a laptop exclusively for gaming, however that laptop has worse cooling system than with computers, silnee noise with active loads, so for games it is preferable Assembly of the computer. Moreover, the possibilities of upgrading the laptop are limited.

Although within the 23000 RUB. it is possible to find a laptop with Nvidia GeForce 920MX / Vega 3, heavy games he will play only at low settings, so the meaning of such purchase (the laptop only for games) is not obvious.

Most laptops have built-in Intel HD405 video core/530/620/Hm..., capable of running not very heavy (for example, online) or relatively old games. For each graphics card, you can see the tests and understand what it will be able to run.


On average, these laptops have enough battery for 4-5 hours of moderate-active use or 6 hours of not very active use (low CPU load).

To save battery power more efficiently when running on battery power, you can configure the power supply circuit.


In almost all cases it will be a TFT matrix with poor viewing angles (especially vertical).

Screen resolution - 1366*768 (HD) or 1920*1080 (FullHD). Choose depending on the tasks, vision and comfort of use. It is advisable to compare both options before buying in the store / from a friend.

In most cases, the 15.6" diagonal resolution of 1366*768 is more than enough, and there is no need to use interface scaling, which may not work correctly with some programs. FullHD-matrix consumes more energy, although in some cases can give a slightly more saturated picture.


Processor and integrated video core performance may vary depending on the cooling system.

For a 15.6 " laptop with an active cooling system, the only normal situation is the following: when the processor and the video core are under prolonged load, the processor frequencies should be kept at the maximum Turbo boost level.

If the laptop with passive cooling, then it is possible to reset the frequency to the base level after a certain period of time. If the laptop is taken not only for Internet surfing, but assumed tasks that can at least somehow stably load the processor, it is better to consider options with active cooling.


For each laptop model under consideration, it is necessary to find several reviews on the Internet (if available), as well as to study the reviews. It is necessary to find out details about the display, cooling system, other points.

You Should also pay attention to the number and types of device connection interfaces (USB, Type C, HDMI).

Analysis of options in shops for example DNS

Consider budget laptops in DNS with a diagonal of 15.6".

Consider these laptops in more detail.

Laptops with AMD E2 processor are found even in laptops for 20K + RUB, losing to other processors at least 1.5-2 times!

Intel Celeron 3350, 3060 Intel Celeron, Intel Pentium N3710 outdated processors.

N4000 Intel Celeron, Pentium N4200 can offer the best performance, but there are better options - Intel Pentium and Intel Pentium N5000 4405U, 4415U, 4417U (a very good single core performance).

3 2200U and Ryzen Ryzen 3 3200U - best options, but have vs 15W TDP 6W TDP from Celeron-s and Pentium-s, i.e. in the laptop needs to be installed a more efficient cooling system, otherwise reset the frequency of the processor in case of overheating.

Intel Core i3 past generations are inferior in performance to the Intel Pentium 4417U at a higher TDP.

You can also see that the vast majority of laptops are supplied with 500 GB HDD.

In the market of used laptops there are offers with a guarantee (just bought or recently). Among such proposals should pay attention on notebooks with Intel Pentium N4200/N500 for 12-13k RUB OR N3710 Intel Pentium/Celeron N3350 7-8K rubles.

Laptops with Intel Pentium N4200/N500 meet in shops on shares for 13-16K RUB.

Will also be interesting options with 4415U Intel Pentium / AMD Ryzen 3 2200U for the price of ~15-16K RUB.

The options are 4415U with Intel Pentium / AMD 3 2200U Ryzen in stores for 19-23k RUB is also acceptable.

Ryzen 3 has a more powerful integrated video core than Intel-s, this is worth paying attention if you plan to periodically play various undemanding games (for example, World of Tanks).

Summing up, it should be said that the most important thing is to competently compare the available options, eliminating outdated and meaningless options. If the laptop is bought for a more or less long term, it is wiser to save money and buy an acceptable option with a more or less powerful processor than to take cheap options for 13-16K in stores with outdated processors.